11/4 Koji Okada catches Blue Marlin

Local Residents Robert Barry and wife Hioko and three friends chartered the Blue Hawaii on this day. The weather was beautiful with calm seas.Thirty minutes after leaving the harbor and shortly after crew for the day , Dave Bensko , gave the run down on angling , we hooked into a 200 lb Blue Marlin on the long rigger. First timer Koji Okada was in the chair and did a great job getting his first Blue Marlin to the boat which was in the 175 to 200 lb range. The marlin only jumped once but was a strong fish digging deep below the surface. We successfully tagged the fish along side the boat (as we encourage tag and release). The marlin was hooked good with a number nine dozer hook right through the bill using a Koya blue bullet lure. Often times when a marlin is totally under control at the side of the boat I’ll snap a photo if possible with my iphone and have the angler out of the chair to view his catch and possibly get his face in the photo as well. This marlin was a little camera shy but Koji wasn’t. We pulled the hook out and watched the marlin swim away , high fives all the way around , great job Koji on your first Pacific Blue Marlin ! We had two other bites that day and one looked over 500 pounds. Thanks again Robert and friends and look forward to seeing you again in December !