Summer Of 2019 Is Almost Here

Aloha to my future guests coming to fish and enjoy the beautiful calm waters on the Kona Coast of Hawaii with me !!  So far this year the fishing and catching has been excellent. Thank you God for this Garden of Eden where the Blue Marlin roam and the skies are not cloudy all day 🙏   It’s time to call , text , or email me your reservations in advance to hold a spot on the Blue Hawaii as we get very busy during the summer and even during the summer please call and if I can accommodate you I will and if I can’t I’ll recommend a quality boat and Captain. I have many tournament dates open at this time so if that interests you , get on board for the competitive events of one of the best Blue Marlin fisheries on the planet ! See the tournament website at:
Below are just a few recent photos of the past 4 months of this year. Thank you for those of you who have joined me this year and we look forward to seeing you again.
A Hui Hou !

IMG_4165 IMG_4164 IMG_4162 IMG_4147 IMG_4146 IMG_4035 IMG_4026 IMG_4012 IMG_3995 IMG_3928 IMG_3511

2018 Summer of Blue Hawaii Sportfishing

The summer of 2018 is nearing an end and it’s been a very productive season for Blue Marlin and Yellowfin tuna , not to mention an occasional Mahi-Mahi or Ono/Wahoo. We had our setback for a while , when the Kilauea Volcano started erupting , which by the way has completely  diminished for the time being and hopefully indefinitely.  I have lived here for 35 years and I have never seen the sky so magnificent , blue as the ocean and the air quality is pure !  Here are a few photos of my guests who fished with me this summer and I look forward to the new faces and good conversations to come while waiting for the bite on the Blue Hawaii !!!  Aloha and Mahalo ,
Captain JamesIMG_2896
IMG_2427 IMG_2612 IMG_2574 IMG_2569 IMG_2558 IMG_2520 IMG_2501 IMG_2492 IMG_2625 IMG_2693 IMG_2714 IMG_2716 IMG_2835 IMG_2842

Blue Hawaii Sportfishing February 2018 days/weeks/months gone by and more ahead

IMG_E0117 IMG_1557 IMG_E1547 IMG_1552 IMG_1546 IMG_1539 IMG_1490 IMG_1296 Currents in our oceans world wide have a magnanimous effect on our Sportfishing. They flow with abundant life at times and in other periods the currents just flow , but a fisherman never gives up. That’s just the way it is. We love what we do even when we have the slow times. Even though it can be slow there are always fish waiting to be caught. I look back behind me and 500 yards just off the path where I just was a fellow/friend Captain hooks up and I say a cuss word or two (to myself of course). Just missed it !! And other days the currents are rich with life and everybody is happy. Once again the Captain and Crew are Hero’s. This is what keeps us going , keeps us alive. We are fisherman. I like all our pelagic species , big and small. If you have facilities for cooking we fillet and put them on ice for you to take back to your bungalow for a “fresh catch of the day” dinner. There have been some nice big Blue Marlin showing up daily , a good number of the great eating Pacific Shortnosed Spearfish , a Mahi-Mahi over there or a Wahoo(Ono) over here and even a Tuna of some kind might be in line. My Co-Captain/Wire Man , Tobin , and I , await your return , and to the guests we haven’t yet met , we welcome you !!
Aloha ,
Captain James

Blue Hawaii Sportfishing August September October 2017

“Fishing slows down and then it picks up again” and right now in October/November  the catching has been improving daily which is a good sign for our winter months heading our way. You probably laugh when you hear about winter months in Hawaii. November thru April is my favorite time here in Hawaii due to the cooler temperatures , mid to high 70s on the Kona Coast. Granted we get the high surf that time of year and some storms passing through from earth’s  northern hemisphere but they come and go , as do the fish as they travel the ocean in search of food.

A big Mahalo to those of you who fished on the Blue Hawaii during the past three months and a few photos to go along ! We welcome those who are coming our way during the rest of this year and going into 2018.          May all your Fishes come true !


Captain JamesIMG_0737 IMG_0908 IMG_1065 IMG_1195 IMG_4847 IMG_4848 IMG_4849 IMG_4850 (1)

Blue Hawaii Sportfishing May , June , July 2017

The last three months the fishing has been fun to say the least. There are days when the catching is good and those days when the catching is not so good but thats why they call it fishing. We always do our best and on those days we didn’t catch we hope to show you a good time as we encounter all types of sea life out there ,different types of  whales , dolphins , and occasionally an unforgettable episode of the one that got away. Below are some photos of the last there months and I just want to say Thank You to all of you who have joined me on the Blue Hawaii and sharing your life stories with me as we search for fish. We like them all , big and small.                Cheers and Aloha ,  Captain James

IMG_0569 IMG_0568 IMG_0567 IMG_0132 IMG_0172 IMG_0155 IMG_0498 IMG_0529 IMG_0226 IMG_0246 IMG_0222 IMG_0149 IMG_0488 IMG_0564 IMG_0563 IMG_0562 IMG_0561 IMG_0560 IMG_2942 IMG_0461 IMG_0441 IMG_0240 IMG_2931 IMG_2882 IMG_2821

February > March > April > 2017 On Blue Hawaii

The winter months were productive Ladies and Gentlemen ! Oh , sure , we had our off days , which we , the Captain and crew , dislike as much as our guests (probably worse , as my dad used to say and still does at the age of 93 “show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser” )  We want to catch every time !!!! but that doesn’t happen in real time.  So as they say , a picture is worth a 1000 words , so I’IMG_2648ll IMG_2649 IMG_2676 IMG_2687 IMG_2729 IMG_2821 IMG_2882 IMG_2931 IMG_2942 IMG_2646 IMG_2645 skip the words and put a few photos on of some of our charters for the last three months. So I say “Aloha And Mahalo” to those of you whom I’ve had the good fortune of meeting in the last three months. The time spent with you will stay with me forever !


Captain James

Twas the week before Christmas and all the fish were biting

Christmas 2016 was one of the better holiday fishing weeks I’ve seen in years. There were some days we caught and a couple days of boat rides. We wish we could catch fish for all who comes aboard the Blue Hawaii but I’m afraid it doesn’t always work that way. To those who didn’t catch, well, I owe you one and I appreciate all the people I meet on ole Blue. Young Mike Ross caught a nice Ahi. The Seenburg family caught a mixed bag of fish , a Blue Marlin , Spearfish , and a 35 lb Mahi. Thanks to Jeff and the wild bunch for a good day of catching 3 Spearfish for a dinner party of 17 back at the condo. The Pacific Shortnosed Spearfish are delicious and we are happy to fillet one up for you as long as you have a place to cook. Thanks to the Yeh family for their patience , when we finally captured dinner at the end of the day and congrats to Adam Wahlig for angling a nice sized Stipe Marlin which was tagged and released.
To All who have fished with me in the past and to those of you I look forward to meeting in the future,
Happy New Year 2017 !!!

ashlynnseenburg 3 chuckersIMG_2460IMG_2431 yehchucker IMG_2416 youngmikerossahi 35lbmahi dave stripey IMG_2454davemahi2 rossfamily


September and October 2016 Blue Marlin,Mahi-Mahi,Spearfish ,Skipjack Tuna, and a rare Kona Sailfish

The fishing was good in September and October on the Blue Hawaii ! We had a few days where we weren’t able to keep a hook in a fish which happens at times  but overall it was a good two months. Thank you to those who joined us for the catching and also to those who were there for the fishing. Here are a few photos I would like to share with you. Also , we had the rare luck of catching a Sailfish just a few miles from our harbor (look close at the photo with the the first mate in the yellow shirt hanging on to the leader before we released it and you will see the sail). Thanks again and we look forward to seeing those who join us on the Blue Hawaii before the year is done !      ALOHA  🙂

IMG_2049 IMG_2046 IMG_2045 IMG_2007 IMG_2006 IMG_1950 IMG_2151 IMG_2113

End of August 2016 Biting ! looking Forward to September , October Action !

Its been a while since I’ve taken the time to write some recent Kona fishing  news on  Blue Hawaii Sportfishing. Our Summer season has been a bit slow as compared to the last couple of seasons which were phenomenal. However ,  through the slowness of this Cycle there have been many large fish caught so far this year , nothing over the 1000 pound mark but enough marlin caught between the 500 and 800 pound range (and larger ones hooked and lost) which keep our Kona waters ready for the next bite at any time of the day , year round , for Pacific Blue Marlin , Striped Marlin , Black Marlin , Yellowfin Tuna or an occasional  Mani-Mahi or Ono (Wahoo) for dinner. We love catching our game fish here on the Kona Coast , and the days we don’t we whimper around like a whipped dog. As of right now in this latter part of August 2016 the Bite is On ! September and October are going to Rock ! I’ve enjoyed all the guests we’ve had on board this summer which is my favorite part of this business (except for catching fish of course). Here are just a few photos of some catches in the last several weeks. Look forward to seeing you again my friends ,



IMG_0366 IMG_3494 IMG_1189 IMG_1394 IMG_1360 IMG_1249 IMG_1208 IMG_1440 IMG_1501 (1) IMG_1507 IMG_1649 IMG_1615 IMG_1613 IMG_1579
IMG_1668 IMG_1669IMG_1657

Blue Hawaii Recent Charters From Late February into March 2016 “Spearfish , MahiMahi , Small Tunas”

IMG_0777The fishing on the Kona Coast has continued to be productive with the winter fish showing up , in particular the “Shortnose Spearfish” rarest of the billfish family , fun to catch , a perfect fish to have a beautiful mount constructed by Gray Taxidermy , and if you are staying in a condo or home with cooking capabilities , the Spearfish is a tasty fillet for dinner. The numbers of MahiMahi are increasing and we are finding some small tunas here and there. Many Striped marlin are still being caught and some very large Blue Marlin are migrating through this time of year , two over 800 pounds have been caught so far this month , along with several in the 150 to 500 pound range. Below are some photos of some recent success we have had on the Blue Hawaii in the last couple of weeks. The fishing only gets better as we approach summer and then the Kona Marlin Fishing Tournaments begin and continue into September. Hope to see you soon !


Captain James Dean