Blue Hawaii Recent Charters From Late February into March 2016 “Spearfish , MahiMahi , Small Tunas”

IMG_0777The fishing on the Kona Coast has continued to be productive with the winter fish showing up , in particular the “Shortnose Spearfish” rarest of the billfish family , fun to catch , a perfect fish to have a beautiful mount constructed by Gray Taxidermy , and if you are staying in a condo or home with cooking capabilities , the Spearfish is a tasty fillet for dinner. The numbers of MahiMahi are increasing and we are finding some small tunas here and there. Many Striped marlin are still being caught and some very large Blue Marlin are migrating through this time of year , two over 800 pounds have been caught so far this month , along with several in the 150 to 500 pound range. Below are some photos of some recent success we have had on the Blue Hawaii in the last couple of weeks. The fishing only gets better as we approach summer and then the Kona Marlin Fishing Tournaments begin and continue into September. Hope to see you soon !


Captain James Dean