Blue Hawaii Full Day Charter 12/3/15

Richard Nebeker ,  son-in-law Brandon , and long time friend Colby , all from Idaho chartered the Blue Hawaii on Thursday the 3rd of December. Colby was first in the chair when the short rigger line came down and successfully reeled in a small Blue Marlin about 70 or 80 pounds while first mate Ryan Thurner put a tag in the fish and took the hook out to watch it swim away and see another day. Not long after that the long rigger line came out of the clip , knocked down by a Short-Nosed Spearfish which repeatedly attacked the lure while Ryan kept teasing the fish to take another swipe and finally got a solid hookup. Brandon was next in the chair so he reeled in the Spearfish and we all decided to bring it on board as we had several mouths to feed back on land. The Spearfish are very tasty on the grill or sautéed in the frying pan. The day wasn’t over yet. About an hour later the short rigger came down again and Richard was up and in the chair , hooked up to another Blue Marlin which was a bit bigger than Colby’s , somewhere between 100 to 120 pounds which Richard angled like a real Pro. Three bites , three fish , that was a great day. Thank you Colby, Brandon, and Richard for bringing that Idaho luck on the Blue Hawaii !!
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