Blue Hawaii Sportfishing February 2018 days/weeks/months gone by and more ahead

IMG_E0117 IMG_1557 IMG_E1547 IMG_1552 IMG_1546 IMG_1539 IMG_1490 IMG_1296 Currents in our oceans world wide have a magnanimous effect on our Sportfishing. They flow with abundant life at times and in other periods the currents just flow , but a fisherman never gives up. That’s just the way it is. We love what we do even when we have the slow times. Even though it can be slow there are always fish waiting to be caught. I look back behind me and 500 yards just off the path where I just was a fellow/friend Captain hooks up and I say a cuss word or two (to myself of course). Just missed it !! And other days the currents are rich with life and everybody is happy. Once again the Captain and Crew are Hero’s. This is what keeps us going , keeps us alive. We are fisherman. I like all our pelagic species , big and small. If you have facilities for cooking we fillet and put them on ice for you to take back to your bungalow for a “fresh catch of the day” dinner. There have been some nice big Blue Marlin showing up daily , a good number of the great eating Pacific Shortnosed Spearfish , a Mahi-Mahi over there or a Wahoo(Ono) over here and even a Tuna of some kind might be in line. My Co-Captain/Wire Man , Tobin , and I , await your return , and to the guests we haven’t yet met , we welcome you !!
Aloha ,
Captain James