End of August 2016 Biting ! looking Forward to September , October Action !

Its been a while since I’ve taken the time to write some recent Kona fishing  news on  Blue Hawaii Sportfishing. Our Summer season has been a bit slow as compared to the last couple of seasons which were phenomenal. However ,  through the slowness of this Cycle there have been many large fish caught so far this year , nothing over the 1000 pound mark but enough marlin caught between the 500 and 800 pound range (and larger ones hooked and lost) which keep our Kona waters ready for the next bite at any time of the day , year round , for Pacific Blue Marlin , Striped Marlin , Black Marlin , Yellowfin Tuna or an occasional  Mani-Mahi or Ono (Wahoo) for dinner. We love catching our game fish here on the Kona Coast , and the days we don’t we whimper around like a whipped dog. As of right now in this latter part of August 2016 the Bite is On ! September and October are going to Rock ! I’ve enjoyed all the guests we’ve had on board this summer which is my favorite part of this business (except for catching fish of course). Here are just a few photos of some catches in the last several weeks. Look forward to seeing you again my friends ,



IMG_0366 IMG_3494 IMG_1189 IMG_1394 IMG_1360 IMG_1249 IMG_1208 IMG_1440 IMG_1501 (1) IMG_1507 IMG_1649 IMG_1615 IMG_1613 IMG_1579
IMG_1668 IMG_1669IMG_1657