Full Day
$1275, tax included (standard gratuity 20%)

Three-Quarter Day
$1050, tax included (standard gratuity 20%)

Half day charters available on request.

Our charters include ice (for your cold beverages and to put on your filleted fish at the end of the day), bottled water, bait, and tackle. Any beverages you prefer and food/snacks is up to you. No fishing licenses are required in Hawaii , and of course there is refrigeration on board for your lunches/snacks. If you would like to do some snorkeling we can take a break from fishing and do that as well.

Our Tournament Rates are $1350.00 per day (due to longer days and more fuel consumption. If interested in fishing on the Blue Hawaii in one or more of our tournaments between June and September, go to the 2020 tournament web site at http://konatournaments.com/