September and October 2016 Blue Marlin,Mahi-Mahi,Spearfish ,Skipjack Tuna, and a rare Kona Sailfish

The fishing was good in September and October on the Blue Hawaii ! We had a few days where we weren’t able to keep a hook in a fish which happens at times  but overall it was a good two months. Thank you to those who joined us for the catching and also to those who were there for the fishing. Here are a few photos I would like to share with you. Also , we had the rare luck of catching a Sailfish just a few miles from our harbor (look close at the photo with the the first mate in the yellow shirt hanging on to the leader before we released it and you will see the sail). Thanks again and we look forward to seeing those who join us on the Blue Hawaii before the year is done !      ALOHA  🙂

IMG_2049 IMG_2046 IMG_2045 IMG_2007 IMG_2006 IMG_1950 IMG_2151 IMG_2113