Summer Of 2019 Is Almost Here

Aloha to my future guests coming to fish and enjoy the beautiful calm waters on the Kona Coast of Hawaii with me !!  So far this year the fishing and catching has been excellent. Thank you God for this Garden of Eden where the Blue Marlin roam and the skies are not cloudy all day 🙏   It’s time to call , text , or email me your reservations in advance to hold a spot on the Blue Hawaii as we get very busy during the summer and even during the summer please call and if I can accommodate you I will and if I can’t I’ll recommend a quality boat and Captain. I have many tournament dates open at this time so if that interests you , get on board for the competitive events of one of the best Blue Marlin fisheries on the planet ! See the tournament website at:
Below are just a few recent photos of the past 4 months of this year. Thank you for those of you who have joined me this year and we look forward to seeing you again.
A Hui Hou !

IMG_4165 IMG_4164 IMG_4162 IMG_4147 IMG_4146 IMG_4035 IMG_4026 IMG_4012 IMG_3995 IMG_3928 IMG_3511