The Mahi-Mahi , Spearfish , Striped Marlin , have arrived on the Kona Coast , and the elusive Blue Marlin are always here January 2016

Mark Zajkowski and son Dan had a good day on the Blue Hawaii on December 30th. Dan successfully reeled in this 37 lb Shortnose Spearfish which was a bit taller than young Dan as you can see. Later that day a fellow boat captain called me on his cell phone to an area which was holding fish and Mark and Dan also caught some Mahi-Mahi. Of course the Mahi-Mahi are a favorite eating fish of many but the Spearfish are just as tasty. If my guests are staying at a location where they are able to cook up some fresh fish we are more than happy to fillet the fish for you to take back to the grill. Thanks Mark and Dan for a great day on the ocean !












On the 31st Mark Slater and son Matt chartered the boat for a 3/4 day. Not far from the harbor we came across some floating debris that had some Mahi-Mahi hanging around it. Our first pass we caught about a 20lb Yellow Fin Tuna which made great Sashimi for the New Year ! After that we put out some dead bait which we carry on the boat just in case we find some kind of debris drifting in the ocean which has been out there for a while creating an ecosystem for fish to gather around. We caught a couple Mahis , one of which weighed 25 lbs. Thanks guys ! Hope to see you again soon !



We had a couple of days off to bring in the new year. On the 3rd day of 2016  we had a party of five charter the Blue Hawaii. About an hour into the charter we hooked our first Blue Marlin of the year and it was a nice one. Angler Gale Otare did a fantastic job of bringing this 400 lb plus Blue Marlin along side the boat in about 15 minutes so we could place an identification tag in it , take the hook out and let it swim away. This was Gale’s first Blue Marlin. Way to go Gale ! Thank you for starting off my new year with a big Blue. Co-Captain/Wireman Ryan Thurner set the lures back out and within minutes we had a double , two Spearfish on at once. Local girl GinnyO landed both fish , angled the first one to the boat , and grabbed the second rod and reel and brought the second one in as well. Shortnose Spearfish are very good to eat so if my clients choose to take Spearfish  home for dinner then that is what we do. We had three more trolling bites that day. You can’t catch them all. Congrats to Gale and GinnyO. Hope to see you again soon with that Hawaiian good luck ! Aloha

Gale Otare 450

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